Bringing new people, experiences and opportunities into your life, through face to face conversation.

The Talk2MorePeople Project is an initiative to encourage people to explore opportunities through conversation.

Recognizing that technology has become too invasive, this project started to illustrate the benefits of such conversations.

Talk2More People creator Tony Esteves, met at least 1 new stranger a day for a full year using himself as an example to document the importance and benefits of creating these face-to-face conversations.

October 24, 2016, Tony was interviewed by David Gray on the Calgary Eyeopener. Here is the audio from that interview.

Uncomfortable approaching strangers?
Do you want to create new opportunities and meaningful connections out of any event?

These tools make it easy for even the most introverted person to get started.

The 6 Tools to Making New Connections are the most effective methods that Tony used during his year of meeting strangers.

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Happening Now – The Talk2MorePeople Canadian Tour

On October 1, 2017, Tony set out from Calgary, Alberta to meet Renee in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They met on Day 305 of the original Talk2MorePeople Project and decided to embark upon a cross-Canada road trip that would include random conversations with complete strangers.

The common question being asked to the people they meet is,

“What is important to you as a Canadian today?”

For Canada’s 150th birthday, this tour will invite insights from these people through “chance” face-to-face conversations. A sample of these conversations will be documented in the “Blog” section of this website.

One of the intentions with the tour is to record some more episodes for the Talk2MorePeople Podcast. The tour has loose guidelines and is open to direction from the people who are met along the way.

So get involved! Follow along and have some conversations yourself.

If you would like to support this initiative and to see it reach beyond Calgary, you can make a donation to this Patreon account. With enough support, Tony will visit British Colombia as well as the Territories. Your contribution will also help with the production of the Talk2MorePeople Podcast which is scheduled to launch before the end of 2017.