Celebrate Friendship

As the bus speeds north out of London on the M1 towards Sheffield, I don’t mind that it’s rainy. It did not bother me this entire week in the UK either.

After such beautiful weather this October in South Africa, I feel that I’ve already had more than my share of great weather this year.
My time in the UK has been about seeing some important people in my life. About making the extra effort to have a meal, or have a pint with friends who I had not seen in years.
So as we walked from Marble Arch to Soho and back, or when we bumbled around the buzzing bars and restaurants of Covent Garden, we were in fact having a celebration. It was a celebration of friendship.
I am grateful to have had this time to visit such good people after the wonderful opportunities in South Africa. As my career grows this and next year I will not allow the business of it get in the way of spending time with good people.  Because these connections inspire me and make life such a beautiful journey, I will endeavour to always put my relationships first.
Take the time to maintain your friendships even when you feel you’ve put in more than your share of the effort. Sometimes this will be frustrating. But when you’ve given to real friends who care, that warmth and kindness will always come back to you.  Enjoy the celebration of friendship.
Thank you British JETs and friends for such kind hospitality, again. See you soon!