Unexpected Connections = New Zealand

Over the next several months I will be writing about unexpected connections. This is because increasingly, I am seeing how profound of an impact they’ve had in my life this year. Now I’m sharing this message with audiences so that they too can benefit.

With deeper reflection, I have seen that most of my life has been a series of unexpected connections. I’ve had a very non-traditional career path, with many ups and downs but the one thing that has been consistent, has been these little unexpected connections.
At times they may have come from a line in a book, or an inspirational quote. Most often they have been something that was said to me by a friend or a stranger. Most of the time I did not see the connection until days or weeks after the message was delivered.
Last week’s unexpected connection comes all the way from New Zealand.

Less than two weeks ago, I got notice that Wayne Morris’s planned 1st annual Creativity Challenge, got the official go ahead for April of 2013. Wayne is the director of Future Edge Ltd, a New Zealand-based consultancy that specializes in applying ‘whole brain’ approaches to leading, learning and creating. I first met Wayne at Toronto’s Mindcamp creativity conference in August 2012 and more recently at ACRE in South Africa. He and his colleagues had been planning this conference for several months, but this was the first official notice that I had received about it.

When I read the news that it was happening I was pleased. I knew how earnestly he wanted to host this major creativity conference. But despite some recent successes, I had some self-doubt welcome me back to Canada and while contacting Wayne, did not think that there was a chance that I could be a part of the upcoming conference. I thought to myself, “How could I have two amazing international conferences happen for me just 6 months apart?”. It seemed too big.

Despite my apprehensive email, Wayne’s response was simple, and provided the unexpected connection:

from Wayne Morris:       “See you in April then!”

“See you in April then??” What? This simple sentence completely changed my perspective. He obviously knew something that I didn’t.
That same night I trouble sleeping due to the excitement that I might somehow be able to make it happen for myself. The wheels were turning.

The idea had traveled in my mind from a distant unlikely scenario to a definite possibility in just a day. Fueled with enthusiasm and delicious food while visiting my loving parents, I put together a proposal and sent it off to Wayne…
… and the very same day, it was approved!
So I’ll be presenting at the 1st Annual Creativity Challenge in New Plymouth, New Zealand late April 2013. And I know that I have a lot to contribute and that it will be another wonderful time for both personal and professional development.

The next time you feel self-doubt creeping in, connect with people who you are close to and who support you. They very often will have a better perspective of your accomplishments and can remind you that you probably have more to offer the world than you think.

I’m loving this journey of unexpected connections. I just can’t wait to see what else comes up between now and then…