My First Video Blog – Do what you know you should do

I’ve been avoiding video-blogging for quite some time now. And the funny thing is that I actually feel quite comfortable in front of the camera. I used to have a principal agent when I was acting professionally, and I still do background work through two agencies today.

So why would I not want to video-blog? It seems so obvious that it would be good for my business and many mentors have advised that I use this tool. Well likely, that’s the answer! Have you ever had a thought, or idea that you knew would be good for you to implement, but for some reason you kept making up excuses to not do it?

My First Time Video Blogging


Often we resist taking the very actions that we know will help us move forward! It’s a fear thing, but don’t worry. You can get past it.

I hope that you enjoy my first short video blog post from this snowy April 11th morning.

There will be more of them…