World Creativity and Innovation Week!


Today was a pretty fantastic Monday. I started by attending the kick-off event for World Creativity and Innovation Week Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation. There, “Serious Play” facilitators including Jacqueline Lloyd sat us down to play with Lego as a means to assist the F-You (Forgiveness) Project. It went very well as the 60 or so of us were highly engaged and playing while answering questions and challenges.

I decided to take on the WCIW challenge which in Toronto encourages people to undertake a different specific task or action each day. Monday’s instructions were to get curious. And so I did…

Please check out my short WCIW Video Blog. By taking on this creativity challenge, I had to be curious, and I had to speak to strangers. While wandering the streets and speaking to new people, I learned about something called the Academy of the Impossible. Thank you Todd. At first glance, it seems to be an organization that is very much in line with my view of the world and I can’t wait to explore it. AND I was given a free calendar while spreading the creative word. Bonus.

What an immediate, useful result to being creative and curious!

To summarize the Toronto Creativity Week challenge I invite you to try this:

         Monday: Be curious

               Tuesday: Be playful

                    Wednesday: Take risks – break out of your comfort zone

                        Thursday: Look for unexpected connections or make new ones

                            Friday: Do it differently

                                 Saturday: Switch your perspective

                                     Sunday: Don’t stop at just one idea

Curiosity earned me a free calendar today.

Curiosity earned me a free calendar today.

Be creative this week! It could lead to some fantastic things or at the very least teach you something about your own creative abilities and potential.

Have fun.