Tony’s Tips Video: Shake Things Up


Are you afraid of change? I don’t think that I am, but perhaps I’ve been avoiding it recently. In today’s Tony’s Tips Video my guest is first assistant director, John Board. I speak about how I’m about to shake things up in a big way in my own life. This comes from listening to my own advice in a recent blog post.

Shake Things Up

Shake Things Up

I am temporarily moving to Calgary, Alberta next week!

I expect that changing my space will positively change my experience and lead to some great opportunities. I believe that human face-to-face relationships are increasing in value as they decrease in frequency. So this trip will be highly valuable for me as I will get to re-connect with my fantastic, inspirational twin sister, Ayesha!

So goodbye for now Toronto. I’ll be back in August in time for Mindcamp.

Do you need to shake things up? What would that look like for you?