Tony’s Tips Video: Try Something New

Getting out of one’s shell does not have to be an extreme event. You can experience desirable results with small adjustments in your behaviour or lifestyle.

On this beautiful June day in Kananaskis, Alberta I decided to try something new. In my case, it was somewhat of an extreme event. As I love the mountains I signed up for another hike with and went out with the intention of learning how to use a mountaineering axe.

Here’s a look at the video from that day. It was more challenging and more rewarding than I expected, and the views of the mountains from 2800 m were spectacular!

I challenge you to think about how you might try something new in your life or business. The benefits could be far reaching not only for you but also for those around you.

Tomorrow is the official start of the Calgary Stampede, so it’s time for me to take off. Thank you very much for reading and viewing. If you enjoyed this please pass it on.