Tony’s Tips Video: Turn Fears Into Inspiration

Canmore Sunrise

Canmore, Alberta sunrise

Do you have fears? Of course you do. We all do. That’s part of what makes us human and what makes life so spicy and delicious!

In today’s short video I get to ride on a slope that was impossibly challenging and terrifying for me 12 years ago. That was the last time that I snowboarded on Paradise Cornice at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Alberta, Canada. It was an extreme source of fear for me as an inexperienced snowboarder. But to say that I snowboarded the last time is an overstatement. Petrified, I slid down on my bottom and felt my heart racing as I just hoped to not fall off the mountain and begged for it all to end.

But on this past December 27th the experience was quite different. After actually learning to snowboard in different countries over the past several years (please ask me about how amazing the snow is in Japan), snowboarding has turned into a passion for me. I not only successfully rode down this double black diamond run, but loved it! Now this previous fear has become something extremely enjoyable and is a source of inspiration for me. This inspiration has enabled me to expand my creativity and utilize more of my talents and abilities.

Can you think of a challenge or fear that you currently have that could eventually become a source of inspiration for you? Why not choose to play towards overcoming that fear in the new year to see how you might benefit?

Happy New Year!