Image Streaming: Put your unconscious mind to work!

I’m in the middle of my 10 day Image Streaming challenge now and it’s simply amazing! What is Image Streaming and why would I choose to spend time doing this?

get-into-the-depths-of-the-unconscious-paulo-zerbatoHere is my own description:

Image Streaming is a technique used to provide answers to profound questions utilizing the unconscious mind. During this process, participants somewhat dream while they are awake and are shown how to draw meaning from describing what they see in their mind’s eye. This is done based on a specific question that they choose to focus on.  It is an excellent way to get directly to the “third third” of creative ideas in a short period of time. Typically this is performed in pairs with one person recording information while the other person does the Image Streaming. Individuals can also do it with a voice recording device but the best results come from pair work. Finally, participants analyze what they saw and make sense of the metaphor that is inevitably presented to them.

The benefits of repeatedly Image Streaming include peace of mind, amplified creativity and it has even been documented to increase IQ!

From my own personal experience, simply amazing things happen while Image Streaming. Specifically, new business opportunities have come up, I feel extremely relaxed and am thinking more clearly. These benefits feel similar to how I’ve felt after a deep guided meditation however somehow even more practical. I think that’s because with Image Streaming I get to literally ask my unconscious mind ANYTHING I want to. And it turns out that my mind always has the answers. I also seem to have an increased sense of intuition which is extremely helpful when it comes to any type of decision making.

Image Streaming

Put your unconscious mind to work!

If you’d like a chance to try Image Streaming, come to the next Innovative Thinking Experience and we will take you through this and show you how it’s done.

The best description that I have of this process comes directly from the creator of this and many other fascinating techniques, Dr. Win Wenger. Here is a link to the description of it on his site.

Of course it can be a little shocking and surprising what I see inside my unconscious mind, but I’m willing to take that chance to increase my productivity and intelligence.

Are you?