Tony’s Tips Video: Get Outside & Into Nature

CampingDue to the unique circumstances of my being in Ontario this summer, I did not expect that I’d be able to get out on a canoe trip. But I was mistaken. Some great friends encouraged me to join them on our annual trip to Algonquin Park and I was rewarded with feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

I find that often we can have a tendency to avoid taking a break when we most need one. While caught up in the drama around something it can be difficult to even notice that things are unsteady at times. If friends or family are telling you that you need a break, you should probably take one. You’ll feel better and be more productive once you are back in action.

Here’s a short video of that August 2014 weekend. Thanks to Erik, Debbie, Sarah, Fiona, Laura, Paul, Max and Chris for having me tag along. I needed that!

Get outside and into nature! It’s good for you in so many ways.