Mindcamp: Why You Must Attend a Creativity Conference

Because there is a strong likelihood that you will leave improved. That’s the bottom line!

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But wait, there’s more!

You will enjoy yourself
You will leave feeling excellent
You will have greater clarity on what to do next
You will meet many wonderful people from around the world
You will have experienced some things you’ve never experienced before
You will have been given the opportunity to change some of your own patterns and to try new things

Mindcamp Smartphone App

Mindcamp Smartphone App

This past August, I was very fortunate to attend my third Mindcamp: Canada’s Creativity Conference / Retreat. Every year it attracts about 200 of the worlds creative thinkers, teachers and wizards to share their expertise on what creativity is, and how to use it in life or the workplace. Presenters come from as far away as the USA, Europe, New Zealand South America and South Africa to be here. Yes, this weekend is THAT special! It happens every August near Toronto. Check out their site here.

It is a very unique conference where it is easy to feel comfortable with the people who you meet. This I believe is due to the people who it attracts and also to the style of the conference. It really is as much of a conference or a retreat as the individual seeks to experience it as. You are encouraged to attend as many sessions as you like, but also to take breaks and utilize the beautiful facilities as well if you prefer. And there are plenty of activities to enjoy. This year before before the opening plenary, I spent some time in a kayak. Now that’s how every conference should begin!

Thanks for the photo Yoel Kluk

Thanks for the photo Yoel Kluk

No matter what industry you are in the practical applications of what happens here are vast!

As we all experience from time to time, I had had a challenging summer and unsurprisingly was feeling scattered and stressed. Being thrust into this community for an immersive few days in its beautiful setting on Lake Couchiching, Ontario was exactly what I needed.

While there is no guarantee that you will have a specific insight due to attending a particular talk or workshop, you are given plenty of opportunities and they do happen. This year, I experienced three such moments when I suddenly understood something in a completely new light.

Do you ever learn something about how you see the world and suddenly understand things differently?

Like there’s a click in your brain? That happens a lot at Mindcamp, and that’s where some of the magic is. These are the “ah-ha” moments that people speak of. They can provide a great sense of relief and excitement.

This sense of relief allowed me to physically feel something that I’d never experienced before. It felt as if there was a giant ball of beautiful energy inside my entire torso that I could only describe as joy and love. I felt like I was actually glowing. I must have been. Despite the lack of sleep from the night before due to some great conversations around the musical campfire along with some wine, I felt no fatigue. I was euphoric!


This energy sensation stuck with me for much of the weekend and was glorious. Besides just feeling incredible and healthy, it allowed me to clearly make decisions during the conference. I attended sessions that just seemed perfect for me and I kept having deep, rich conversations with the friends I was bumping into – old and new. I was given a few opportunities to perform throughout the weekend and somehow seemed to always end up jamming with the talented musicians at the camp fire. It was as if this entire weekend had been specifically designed to serve my needs both personally and professionally.

So who goes to a creativity conference?

You do! Join us in 2015. As Mindcamp is run as a non-profit and to break even, it’s a very affordable way to have an incredible experience. Here is a link from their website called, “What To Tell Your Boss”.

“But how can I sustain the euphoria beyond the conference?” Good question. I’m glad you asked.

One way is to just keep in touch with a few of the people who stood out to you during your experience. I’ve found that the challenge of returning to the real world where people tend to be more critical and less open to hearing about wonderful new experiences can be avoided if you just continue to remain surrounded or in contact with those “creative types”.

I’m not suggesting that when you come to Mindcamp next year you are going to reach a higher state of consciousness and have complete clarity about all of the upcoming challenges in your life and a house full of new friends. But I am saying that it is highly likely that your life, your brain and / or your heart will be enriched.  In my case this year, I believe it was my heart that expanded and opened up. It can be different for everyone, every time and it’s always worthwhile.

Are you still not convinced? Check out Susan Robertson’s article on what Mindcamp is here.

Or just enjoy these photos, or both, or send this stuff on to someone you know who could benefit from a good creative jolt!