Unexpectedly Connected to the Circus – What’s Your Stage?

A night with the circus

A night with the circus

This past Friday, I had the honour of performing alongside about 45 other artists and performers from across Canada. The event was called, “Mecanique” and this was a show that was created by Le Cirque de la Nuit.

This is a troupe of artists who I got introduced to by having a conversation with a a total stranger. Yet another unexpected connection. A long time friend, Rob and I got speaking to our waitress at our local Calgary pub. Her name was Ashley.  She casually mentioned that she does some performance work with the hula-hoops and this led us into a conversation about performing arts. When I mentioned that I do some glow-in-the-dark juggling she suggested that I audition for an upcoming show.

I did and they hired me!

That show was back in February of this year and it was called, “Arniko“. It was the first time I’d been done up with professional makeup in years and it was one of the best performing experiences of my life to date. They were so well organized and professional. The decorations and costumes were sensational. It was difficult to tell who was part of the show and who wasn’t because EVERYBODY dressed up to the theme of the party.

This past weekend I enjoyed my second time performing with this amazing troupe.


Cirque de la Nuit Promotional Video


So what happens at a show like this and why does it matter?

Magic happens!

I know that performing is a side of me that provides great joy for me and that I do with ease. While on stage dancing, juggling, clowning or doing anything physical, I can get lost in what I call the “performers flow” and I feel completely present as I make my contribution to the spectacle.

Because I have learned how important it is to remain true to oneself recently by doing what I love, I know that performing in something like this has great benefits for me.

I believe that this matters because when you find whatever it is that gets you into your flow state, you become more open to opportunities. And isn’t that really what life is when you simmer it down? Opportunities that we act on or pass up? If you believe the basics of creativity then certainly it makes sense to have as many options – or opportunities – as possible. I’ve been fortunate to see this manifest new relationships, new professional opportunities and new experiences.

Not only have I fed my soul, but I’ve allowed myself to gain further exposure to other people like me! Other professionals who also like to put on a costume, create an experience and put on a show.

Special thanks to Ashley Victoria, le Cirque de la Nuit and Bass Caravan for welcoming me to this wonderful community so warmly.

So as I invest more time and energy finally getting to know some of these other amazing artists – many of whom live here in Calgary as I do now – I look forward to enjoying the benefits of expressing myself artistically despite my own hesitations at times.

You don’t need to join the circus to express yourself. That’s just how it’s recently happened for me. What is your stage? What is a way that you could more effectively express who you really are and what you have to offer to the world?

Play with that idea for a little while and let me know what you come up with…

And on a side note, if you find yourself in Calgary this week, why not come to my Visual Imagery Creative Problem Solving Think Tank? Here you’ll dance with insights and improve your creative abilities. I believe those things will make it easier for you to be a little closer to who you really are.

Enjoy the view!