Creativity is Amazing – Family is Important – Choose Your Own Adventure

Here we are at the end of another busy summer. I’m writing from Ontario where I’ve spent the past 5 Chris Hadfieldweeks. London, Toronto, Guelph, Lochalsh, Kincardine and Kitchener kept me busy visiting friends, doing some work and having some fun.

3 Things I’d like to share today:

1. The Mindcamp Creativity conference was wonderful, again.
2. Making time to be with friends and family is important.
3. Life is a game of choose your own adventure. Choose wisely.

Here we go.

Creativity is becoming an increasingly important part of my life and business. It’s amazing to me that less than 5 years ago I didn’t know much of anything about the study of creativity and now I use it for decision making every day. It fits well for me because being creative is so important to me and I believe that my growth and training in this field have not only helped me become a better presenter, but also a better person.

It has introduced me to a number of amazing Creative Problem Solving (CPS) techniques that I now use to help others solve problems and perhaps most importantly it’s introduced me to an entire world of excellent people.

While reading Chris Hadfield’s book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, he talks about how even if he was preparing for a task that he might never do, the fact that he was learning was good. I agree. I feel that I’m at the beginning of my lifelong learning and am eager to see what else I choose to fill my brain with in the coming weeks, months and years to do the good work that I plan to do.


Months ago a Toronto colleague, Ginny Santos suggested that I create a 30 Day Challenge session for this past Mindcamp, so I did. It was a program that I had never delivered before and I’m so pleased that I ran it. It’s generated some very positive feedback and what’s been especially satisfying for me is how some participants have been sharing their progress with their new “challenges” with me on social media. Using social media is one way to hold yourself accountable with these challenges.

Russell Thomas wrote a wonderful article on his Mindcamp experience and was kind enough to mention my session there.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Come to Mindcamp. It’s the best few days you can spend in August near Toronto. Lives change up there for the better.

Having said that, this was my least “enjoyable” Mindcamp yet. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much enjoyed being there, but I came with some baggage and needed to work through it.

Through the generous efforts of a couple workshop participants, I had a breakthrough and was finally able to understand some of why I’d been stressed out recently. The reason – it turns out – is that I’d been feeling anxious about some upcoming changes due to my professional development. Even when things are really good, they can cause anxiety. But I’ve worked past that and am now ready for a pretty exciting Fall season in Calgary.

Much of this summer was spent with a friend of mine, Ryan Jeans. This character has a busy business bringing Ping-Pong experiences to people and events and it was my pleasure to collaborate with him at a number of events. I not only got to support this friends’ business efforts but also got to spend time with him and that – I believe – is the best gift one can give to any friend. Time.

Seeing friends and family in Ontario is such an important part of my life because I get energized from seeing these important people. I find that the work I do while on the road (at home) is meaningful and I get clear feedback that my presence is appreciated. It’s worthwhile on so many levels to see friends and family. Don’t miss your chance to do so while they are around.

While home I was reminded how technology can be stressful at times and put together the below video as a tip for how to deal with that.

It’s clear from today’s London Free Press that this is an issue that people need to be aware of.

After all, multiple studies have demonstrated a clear link between tech use and elevated levels of stress and anxiety.

The Canadian Mental Health Association says anxiety disorders affect about 12 per cent of people and cost the economy upwards of $50 billion a year.

page C4 Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Finally, choose your own adventure! Life! While I understand that everybody has their limitations due to everything from finance to family, I truly believe that this life really is a game of choose your own adventure.

Here’s a little video to that effect.

I’m ready for a busy fall season back in Alberta. If you found value in this post, please share it and / or subscribe for my updates either on this blog or my YouTube channel or both.

Stay tuned for some more upcoming fun around 30 Day Challenges.

Keep Tuesday evening, November 3rd open for an amazing event that I’m co-hosting in Calgary. It will be a networking event with a room of over 100 professionals who value human, face-to-face conversations. 


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