30 Days Of Meditation Challenge Days 6 – 10

Day 6 Meditating at home with my sister

I had planned to attend a meditation class this morning with my twin sister but we ran a little late and decided to catch up over a salad instead. Once back to my place we listened to a guided meditation on an iPhone App and did 15 minutes total. 

Today it was very difficult to clear my mind. I was thinking about all of the excitement from yesterday with joining CAPS (The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) , from performing at Beakerhead, and from spending such a great time with a new group of people. Interestingly, I met this new group of people by hitting the town with a new friend who I met as part of my #HumanConnections challenge. That challenge involves speaking to a person who I’ve never met before every day until my event on November 3rd

The event I’m co-hosting with Lynnell Ible will be a networking event where people who understand how important human face-to-face conversations are, can connect. More information on that can be found HERE


All kinds of fun can be had when you dare to speak to new people. Above is a photo with an old friend and a new friend. We were in costume as part of the celebrations for Beakernight at the Beakerhead festival in Calgary. 

Day 7 A fallback guided meditation

Today I really was not in the mood to meditate. I didn’t feel like working it into my day and resisted doing it. But that was a good enough sign for me to be sure to do it! So I used the same guided meditation that I’d used on Day 1. It was difficult to quiet my mind but I was able to settle down my breathing and to come out of it more relaxed. It’s just a 10 minute meditation but I know that it was still good for me. 

Day 8 A guided meditation with hypnosis

Tonight I downloaded the meditation App called, Omvana. I tried their beginner meditation which was disappointingly less than 5 minutes long. But one thing that I did like about it was the use of NLP. Nuro-linquistic programming. I have a little experience with this and can see how this could compliment a guided meditation.

The highlight of this experience was the comment that meditation is not necessarily about clearing the mind, or sitting for long periods of time, but rather it’s about making time for yourself to just relax. That concept really does simplify it for me, and I like that. 

Will I use the App again? Definitely maybe.

Day 9 Mountain-top Meditation!

Today was a pretty wonderful day. These days have been quite busy for me recently so I naturally didn’t think I had the time to take a day off. 

That’s exactly why I gave myself a day off.

Mountain MeditationI hiked the Chester Lake Trail in Kananaskis with a friend of mine, Ed. He’s an experienced guide and we’ve been meaning to hike together for months. Today was finally the day. While we did not completely summit Chester Mountain in the end, we still had a great hike with about 800 metres of elevation gain and a moderate scramble. The views were exceptional and we both had a really great time. 

When asked what time I wanted to be back to the city I told Ed, “Well, I’ll have to do my meditation this evening”, to which he wisely replied, “Why don’t you meditate on the mountain?”

So that’s what I did. It was wonderful.

At 2:45pm, I just lay down on the stones with the glorious sun beaming down on me and closed my eyes. I focussed on my breath and just allowed myself to relax. I wasn’t sure if I was falling asleep or just turbo-relaxed. It didn’t matter. It felt wonderful.

Chester Lake Trail

Much of the hiking I’ve done so far has been at a faster pace than what we did today. It was a really nice change of pace – and I think no coincidence – that today I hiked with someone who liked to take things a little slower. Thank you Ed. 

If you ever find yourself in a 30 day meditation challenge hiking a mountain in perfect weather late September, I highly recommend that you lie down and focus on your breath. It was such a wonderful, calm experience and although I’m tired now, I feel just a little bit younger. 

Day 10 Forced Meditation

I get excited about things when things are exciting. Tonight I was excited. I was spinning around my house bouncing between cleaning, moving things around, corresponding and listening to ideas.

I was full of energy and I did NOT want to meditate.  Not that I was super avoiding it, but every time it came up in my daily catalog of things I had to do, I somehow was able to push it to the bottom of the list.

Until about midnight when – even though my mind was racing – I sat myself down, quickly searched for a 15 minute meditation on YouTube, and I followed along.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was wonderful. It was wonderful because after that time, I felt so much more relaxed and was able to for the first time that day recognize that I was actually tired.

So instead of continuing to buzz through the many projects that I’d been bouncing around on, I went to bed. 

And I rested, very very well.

One of the great benefits from this meditation challenge has been learning how to allow myself to really feel my body and hear my thoughts – all while getting more and more relaxed.

I think I’ll do this for another 20 days. Or possibly longer…