30 Days Of Meditation Challenge Days 21 – 25

30 Days Of Meditation Challenge Days 21 – 25

Day 21 A Family Cottage Meditation


My view from my cottage meditation

We all have our excuses for not doing the things that we know we should be doing. Usually it’s around not having enough time, or not having the money or because some thing is not happening. The conditions are not right.

After meditating 20 of the past 27 days I have faced this challenge just as I have with other important things that I’ve always been meaning to do. But isn’t it strange how when we do take the time to do those things we almost always feel better after? It’s as if facing those tasks is like cleaning mental clutter and we are at the very least reward with a sense of ease and well being. At very best some large personal or professional benefits have time and space to blossom. 

Yesterday I arrived to my family cottage near Kincardine, Ontario. It was – as it always is – a pleasure to see my sisters, nephews and mother. The evening was busy with the delicious Thanksgiving feast and good conversation. By 9 pm I was quite tired, and wanted to get to bed, but I had not yet done my meditation.

What happened before this rest was wonderful. I just sat alone outside on this wonderfully warm October evening, closed my eyes and dipped into a little meditation on my own. I’ve been doing this enough now that I’m finding it easier to calm my mind and to just let go of a busy mind. 

I sat there for what felt like about 5 minutes but I don’t really know how long it was. Even though I really didn’t think I had time to keep going on my meditation challenge for the day, I was able to do so, and quite satisfactorily. 

Re-framing challenges can allow us to accomplish more than we think possible and the ground doesn’t need to shift to allow great things to happen.

See you on Day 22.

Day 22 Sleepy Ultra-Relaxing Meditation

So tired. Decided to search for a 15 minute meditation. Found this one below. It’s based in hypnosis and NLP and was exactly what I needed. Although I was already tired and relaxed before the meditation I felt much better than before.

In other news, today I attended my first ever “Morning Reset”. This was created by the good people at www.CampRestet.ca. They created a place for people to do yoga together, dance together and be completely free of judgement for a few hours on a Wednesday morning. It was wonderful.

They actually make you check your technology at the door for their events! Check them out.

Day 23 Meditating on YouTube

When I just plug in “Guided Meditation” to YouTube I sometimes feel that I’m being lazy. But the results are consistently positive. Tonight I did a 10 minute guided meditation that I enjoyed and helped me calm my mind from spinning a little. It has been a great and busy return to Calgary with events at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, my circus troupe and some social engagements. There are more events and opportunities popping up for me now than ever before. This meditation is helping me stay grounded throughout it.

Or are the opportunities coming in part as a result of the meditation?

Day 24 Online Meditation With No Words

I found this 15 minute gem today and was expecting to be guided through a process but instead just heard some unique tones. I must admit that it was a bit of a wild one. At the beginning you are encouraged to read the full description below which I did.

I suggest giving this a try as it took my mind into some really neat places. They advise that you do this every day for a week for some excellent results. I just may do so.

Day 25 Kitchen Floor Meditation

After an enjoyable Autumn day that felt much more like summer, I joined a friend for a mediation after a nice meal. Amanda set out some candles and put on some music that was less traditional than your typical music for such an occasion. While it started quietly and gently, after several (likely about 10) minutes a beat came in and I found myself almost dancing from my seated position.

I was surprised that this didn’t interrupt the meditation. I was still able to keep a focus on my breathing and to allow myself to relax for over 10 minutes.

Prior to this exercise I think that I had a very structured idea of what meditation is. Now I find that it can take many forms and you can experience it in many different ways. 

And that’s ok. The benefits will still be there.

Below are some photos from our Acrobatic Yoga session this afternoon.  More meditation to come…