30 Days of Meditation Day 26 Now I Have a Yoga Membership

30 Days of Meditation Day 26

Today I got swept away to a yoga class with a friend of mine who is an instructor. After dabbling with yoga and taking a few sporadic classes of the past 2 years I finally actually got myself a yoga membership at a well known studio near my place in Calgary. It is called, “Yoga and Beyond” and there you can take Spin classes, different types of yoga and acrobatic yoga classes. I’ve been to Yoga and Beyond a couple of times already and they have 2 locations. I’ve always been very impressed with the classes I’ve taken there, the professionalism and talent of the instructors as well as how great I feel afterwords.


This class worked out as a bonus for me because there was a large meditative element to it. It was called Hatha / Meditation and unsurprisingly I left the class feeling much better than when I went in. Grounded, relaxed and focussed.

Now I’m wondering if this meditation challenge is going to evolve into a yoga challenge…

Yoga and Beyond Website