Unexpected Connections Are Good Connections – Global TV

On Thursday evening this week, I received a phone call from a colleague of mine from my speaking Tony Esteves Global TVassociation. Palmo Caripno was asking if I’d like to come in to do some juggling at the Cardel Theatre on Friday morning as Global TV was doing a piece on the local community, Quarry Park. Of course I was interested, so after re-scheduling a meeting I agreed to head down there. 

I brought my friend and acrobatic yoga partner, Amanda to do some Acro Yoga as well. We jammed and they gave us a mic and asked us some questions. I did some juggling and we had some fun. Gil Tucker was reporting and doing his best to find my connection to the Cardel Theatre. We didn’t have to look far as I’m co-hosting a networking event there on November 3rd which he softly promoted.  Join us at Get Connected YYC.

Below is the piece that they ended up creating for the news. Palmo continues to be a great supporter of mine as I grow into the professional speaking community here in Canada. The unexpected connection of meeting him through CAPS (the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) has already led to some collaborations, some laughs and now a local television appearance. 

These Unexpected Connections are good connections! You never know what they might lead to. Don’t let these connections slip past you in your life.