30 Days of Meditation Day 27 The Big Leap

30 Days of Meditation Day 27 The Big Leap

I’m almost sad that this challenge is coming to an end because I’ve seen so many positive things and experiences appear into my life since starting it. Without a doubt this has been the most difficult challenge that I’ve taken on, but also the most rewarding.

By the time I complete it next week it will have takeThe Big Leap Bookn around 40 days to complete this 30 day challenge. But that’s ok. Meditating every day is not something that I’d expect anyone to be able to easily just POP into their lives.

Perhaps there will be a time in my future when meditation will be such a regular part of my life that it wouldn’t be any challenge at all. But I’m not quite there yet.

One bonus that I must mention tonight is how smoothly things seem to be going for me these days. It’s as if I’ve got some additional psychological assistant helping me make the right decisions in life that are leading to more free time and more of an overall feeling of well being and relaxation. Perhaps part of that is due to my recent listening to the audiobook of, “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. 

While I was not thrilled with the first half of the book, the second half has really impressed me. He speaks about something that he calls, “The Upper Limit Problem” which is the concept that people tend to self-sabotage when things are going well in one area of their lives. Furthermore he tells us how to live in our, “Zone of Genius” which I also think is brilliant. 

Most noteworthy for me are his words around the concept of time. He suggests that people who are always short on time and rushing are using time to make themselves feel like a victim. I’ve done this although don’t seem to be doing it as often as I used to.

To correct this he offers that people first stop using this victim language and secondly take responsibility for the main thing(s) that they are not being responsible about in their lives. 

This set off a lightbulb in my mind and I  got straight down to sorting out a particular challenge that I’ve had for some time. It came to me clearly and quickly as he said that it would. I love books that actually make me get out of my chair to do something in that moment. This is one of those books. I hope that my book on Unexpected Connections prompts similar actions for people one day. 

Like many great books, I got introduced to this one by a friend of mine, Julia Zarina and I’ll forever be grateful. Take a look here at a great resource for getting the information out of business books swiftly. It’s called, “Actionable Books”. I found this summary after reading the book. 

Finally, to today’s meditation. This morning I did a guided meditation that I quite enjoyed. I found myself almost falling back to sleep after a good night’s sleep but got up and was able to have a very productive day following this meditation. 

Don’t get stuck because of the Upper Limit Problem and call upon me if you’d like to learn how it is that you can create all of the time in the world that you’ll ever need. Thanks for a great read, Gay Hendricks.