30 Days of Meditation Day 28 Recovering from a Hike Video

If you need more adventure in your life, go after it!

It was October 26th, 2015, and I had troubles getting out of bed. This was because of the 1150 m hike that I did up Mount Chester in Peter Laughed Park with a good friend yesterday. This hike took us to above 10,000 feet which was the first time that I’d ever been up so high without an airplane.

It was amazing.

Fuelled with lots of food water and one Red Bull, I was often surprised at my high energy levels on the way up and on the way down. The entire hike took us just under 8.5 hours round trip of the 14km journey. I believe we could have shaved an hour off the time if we chose to but we took our time at Chester Lake. It was really fun to toss rocks through the thin layer of ice to hear the rippling sound that it created.

We also ascended up the south face of Chester which it turns out was not our easiest option.

So when I awoke Monday morning, unsurprisingly getting up was not the most desirable first task on my leg’s agenda. 

So I meditated.

I chose to just lie there without any guidance from anywhere or anything and to just concentrate on my breathing. It was the first time that I’d done a meditation before even leaving my bed in the morning and it was the right thing to do. 

I felt more at ease with the busy day ahead and clear about my objectives for the day. When I have an experience like this, sometimes I wonder why it is that I don’t yet do this every day? At least with this challenge, it’s become a much more regular part of my life and has a better chance of gaining full integration soon. 

Here’s a look at the video from the hike up Chester Mountain.