A Circus Road Trip from Calgary to Kamloops

Well here we go! This was some of what we experienced on Day 1 of our road trip from Calgary to Whistler.

We stopped in Kamloops for the night just about 8 hours behind schedule due to the winter conditions.
But that didn’t stop the fun. There was dancing, performing, laughter and dining along the way.
All of the over 25 performers and production crew (including the very important props / decorations / support vehicle in tow) agree that this in a once in a lifetime experience.
It is such a privilege to be a part of such a professional group of passionate individuals – from all different backgrounds – brining this circus performance to life.

This trip has been put together in collaboration with Bass Bus and Le Cirque de la Nuit out of Calgary, Alberta.

On November 13th, we will stage the show, “Veradeasi”. Hope to see you there.