Play Matters

On my final day in Vancouver this week, I took some time to visit a circus school called, Circus West. This is a very fun place. You can bounce off of just about every surface and there are helpful people there to keep you safe and to share their knowledge.

So on this day, I learned how to do my first backflip. Here’s a short video on what that looked like.

While on the flight home the next day I got speaking with the gentleman sitting next to me. We got into a discussion about how important it is for people to actually TALK to one another nowadays and he told me this,

“You know Tony, when you get a little introspective, you can see how just about everything important that we do in our lives starts with a conversation”.

No kidding! I completely agreed. Thank you Dwayne for this inspiration. I asked him for permission to use this comment and have done so in 3 presentations since then.

Keep talking to people, keep playing, and keep connecting.