5 Easy Ways to Rock Your 2016

Lake Louise2015 was a wonderful yet challenging year for many of us. There were
highs and lows and sometimes exhausting obstacles. There were also some wonderful moments of inspiration. 

So how will you make 2016 a better year than 2015? I’d like to share with you some of what’s working for me. Please take a look at these resources and try on what you like.

5 Easy Ways to Rock Your 2016

  1. Read more. I’ve now been enjoying reading an extra book per month since getting hooked on audio-books. Audible.com Try it. 
  2. Reflect more. I’m writing daily as an exercise to focus more conscious energy on the things that I’m bringing into my life. There have been some wonderful real-world results from this activity alone. 750Words.com can help you with this although for the writing I’m doing now, I’m using the good old pen and paper.
  3. Respect your needs more. I put out quite a lot of energy sometimes without the results I wanted in 2015. Already this year I’ve been able to increase my return on time by doing less. That has involved taking more time for myself. Yes, this involves saying “no” more often. Here is a great article by Scott Fetters on “How People Pleasers Can Learn To Say NO More Often”. 
  4. Recognize what comes easily. After what I can only describe as my spiritual “Awakening” this past New Year’s Eve, I’ve realized that a wonderful and productive way to make decisions is to do what comes EASILY. Until now I’ve pushed against too much resistance. To help find your Flow, do more of what comes easily to you. 
  5. Really listen to your intuition. It can be easy with the busy-ness of life to avoid listening to that intuition. But simply making space and time (most easily through meditation and / or exercise) allows you to connect more easily to that intuition and to make better decisions.  Take a look at this wonderful piece by Carolyn Gregoire called, “10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently”I hope that some of these tactics resonate with you. Wishing you a fun and prosperous 2016 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Here is a video montage of the personal and professional escapades from my 2015. This video is longer than most of my videos, but I’m sure that you will enjoy it.


I hope that some of these tactics resonate with you. Wishing you a fun and prosperous 2016 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Tony Esteves

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