How Not Winning Does Not Mean Losing on Breakfast Television

Breakfast Television

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from an unknown number. I like answering these calls as I am a curious person and know that they might be international calls from Skype or from some other mysterious place, however I know many people don’t answer them. Of course, sometimes it’s a tele-marketer or some other sales pitch. Fair enough. 

Well yesterday this was not the case. I received a phone call from a Rogers Communications employee who claimed that I had randomly been selected as a semi-finalist in a competition that I had never heard of. She explained that because I moved my Spotify – music streaming app services – to Rogers, I had automatically been entered into this competition.

The contest was set up to award a family of 4 a trip to the 58th annual Grammy Awards. This prize was valued at $38,000. Wow!

Once I got past the stage of questioning if this was for real or not, a short interview process ensued and I was told that I might qualify to become a finalist. What the what?

The requirements were that I pull together 3 family members and that they not only be available from Feb 13th to Feb 16th for this trip to L.A., but that they all could be present to appear on Breakfast Television Calgary this morning at 6.30am. I was politely encouraged to make the necessary calls to see if I could make these arrangements while they checked out my social media profile. 

I didn’t really think that I’d qualify as a finalist because while I do love music, I didn’t even know who any of the nominees were this year. (and that was one of the interview questions). I consider myself to be fairly disconnected from pop culture. 

I made those calls, confirmed my twin sister and a couple of close friends and they called me back. 

I was to be a finalist! What?! How does this happen? Oh yeah, I answered an “Unknown Number” call. 

As none of the people on my team were any more connected to pop culture than I was, so some studying took place last night. But not before I published my video regarding my upcoming Thailand Creativity Camp. I felt that completing this video edit was like my homework and despite my excitement, I had to do this before studying and getting too excited about the contest. Sometimes you have to eat the broccoli before desert. 

We got ourselves up early and met at the CITY TV building in downtown Calgary for 6.30am and decided to make it fun.  There were onesies, glitter and juggling involved within our four person team.

The opposing team was a nice group of people who admitted that they were as disconnected from pop culture and music as we were. All 8 of us shared in the excitement before going into the studio very shortly after 7am. 

Game on!

In the studio we competed by listing off the next lines to the lyrics to some songs. Although it was exciting and close, the other team won the grand prize with a score of 3-1. 

While the other team won, by no means did we lose. Rogers Communications very kindly provided a $2800 prize package including 4 brand new Samsung smartphones and a bunch of Breakfast Television swag. Of course we were disappointed to have come so close to this amazing trip of a lifetime, but we were all still very grateful for a fun, unexpected television appearance and experience.  I was also thrilled to score my second brand new free smartphone.

Speaking with my room-mate Josh this afternoon, he confided in me that he suspects that he felt more disappointed than the rest of our “family” because he has never left Canada before. But he put a positive spin on this. “I realized that the reason this we so heavy is because it proves to me that I really do need to travel and have some of those amazing life experiences. This totally reinforces what I’m already working towards!” 

Talk about a winning mindset eh?

I also took pleasure in seeing one of the opposing team’s participants state, “Is this for real? Did we really win? I’ve never won anything before!”. I was genuinely happy for Mackenzie as I have had plenty of adventures in my life already and have won some prizes too. I am also aware that I’ll be in California for performing / presenting work for reasons that I don’t yet know about, so my turn is still coming. 

Furthermore, if I did win this prize I would have missed my upcoming performance with Le Cirque de la Nuit in Calgary. We will stage our next huge show in downtown Calgary on February 13th – the same day that we would have flown out for this adventure. 

Breakfast Television

So thank you Spotify, Breakfast Television, Rogers Communications and my team-mates Ayesha, Josh and Charlotte for helping make today the most memorable day of my 2016 yet. Please click on the image to the right or HERE to see the Breakfast Television Calgary segment.

When it was all said and done there were hugs, high-fives and handshakes between teams and a bunch of us exchanged contact information / Facebook details. They were such gracious winners. We look forward to following the Schacter family adventures in L.A. And after all, imagine what potential events might occur due to this chance encounter? 

Keep on talking to strangers because you never know what huge potential lies in those conversations.

Tony Esteves  Creativity Inspiring Connections

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