Talking to More People in Italy – Days 2 – 4 Encouraging Others to Connect

My initial for taking this trip to Europe was to get to where I’ve arrived today. In beautiful Sestri LevanteCREA on the Italian Riviera near Genoa, Italy. I am quite fortunate to be here here taking part in and presenting at the annual CREA Creativity Conference. This is where I will be based for the next 8 days.

I’m pleased to admit that this TTMP challenge has already turned out differently than I’d expected in these early days.  The greatest new thing that I’m finding is that it’s a very different experience approaching new people in Europe compared to Canada. This has a lot to do with the language differences. In every place that I’ve been on this trip so far, I’ve never known until I started speaking to the individual what their native tongue was. This has proven to be amusing and challenging as well.

Here are the updates from Days 2, 3 and 4 of this 30 day challenge.

Day 2 – Southwest England

While visiting friends for the first time in years is not the best time to go out of your way to talk to more people. I was most interested in catching up with my friends and not so keen to just randomly meet others. But honouring the challenge, I did so. On this day, I met a woman in a doll house shop in the small town of Whitchurch, England. In our discussion I learned that there are 3 main scales of dollhouses. Interesting.

Day 3 – Milano, Italy

Today I met 4 Italians in Milano. One of the women immediately admitted to me that she’s addicted to her smartphone. The reason for this is because of a sense of not wanting to miss out on things that are happening with far away friends or friends in other countries. I could understand her point. We all had a nice talk.

I explained the challenge to them and they took the challenge cards. The same card below that can be downloaded, printed, and used as an excuse for you to approach a new person…


TTMP 30 Day Challenge Coffee Card

TTMP 30 Day Challenge Coffee Card


Day 4 – Sestri Levante, Italy 

I’ve finally arrived at my primary destination for this trip. I’m in Sestri Levante on the coast just east of Genoa, Italy. This week it’s the annual CREA creativity conference that I’ve been wanting to attend for years. I’m hear to help out with the conference logistics as part of the “Red Jackets” team and to deliver a presentation. Everybody here has been wonderful so far and the weather is sensational.

My TTMP conversation was with another participant from the conference, Thomas. He spoke to me about a dance movement where people are celebrating going to raves while NOT on drugs. I think this is a superb idea and I was happy to learn more about it.

This week will be quite busy with the conference however I will continue to document stories from at least one new person who I meet every day.

Does this sound interesting yet?

Go on, take the challenge. All you need to do is to meet a new person every day for 30 days. Check out how that enhances your life. You won’t be disappointed.

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