Talk 2 More People Challenge Days 5 – 12 from Italy to Spain and I’m going to France!

Like a blur, the first several days of this challenge took place in beautiful Sestri LevanteCREA, Italy at the CREA Creativity Conference.

I was working as part of the logistics team know as “The Reds” while there and it was a very busy time. I was also one of the Expo Night Presenters with my “Strengthen Your Spin” workshop.

Despite this, I did indeed meet and talk to more people every day and here are the latest updates from that time.

Day 5 – Sestri Levante, Italy

During Day 5 of my Talk 2 More People challenge, I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend from Mexico. She told me how she likes to put her phone away sometimes for a day or two when away at conferences (as we are now).

A tip for those of you who are shy but would like to meet some new people:

Start by giving someone a genuine compliment. I find this is the simplest way not only to break the ice, but also to know that it’s a pretty low risk thing to do. 


More tips and creativity to come…

Day 6 – Italy 

On Day 6 of my 30 Day Challenge I met a new friend, Jeremie, who told me some amazing things about the wrestling culture in Senegal. He is a professor who lives in Tokyo and has studied martial arts extensively. That interview will come in the coming weeks.

Day 7 – Sestri Levante, Italy 

Day 7 of the TTMP 30 day challenge. I met a fellow on the way to an event at the conference. I said hello to him in Italian which is all the Italian that I understand. He started speaking quickly in Italian until I said I couldn’t speak Italian.
Then he spoke to me in perfect English as he is from New York! We had a nice chat about the conference and creativity.

I find it interesting when traveling in Europe how it can be difficult to initially know where people are from. I’ve found it challenging at times to track someone down for this challenge due to language barriers but as today’s encounter it seems that challenge can be more self-imposed than factual at times.

Go on, take the challenge. All you need to do is to meet a new person every day for 30 days. Check out how that enhances your life. You won’t be disappointed.

TTMP 30 Day Challenge Coffee Card

TTMP 30 Day Challenge Coffee Card

Day 8. – Sestri Levante, Italy 

Through the sessions and work here at the conference I met 3 new people today. It’s a very busy time so I only had a chance to really speak with two of the three – a very nice couple. He is from the USA and he is from France.  It reminded me how important it is to slow down even when we think it is impossible to do so.

Day 9 – Sestri Levante, Italy 

Day 9. I sat out of a session to rest a little and met the most wonderful person yesterday. We quickly found a way in our conversation to support each other professionally. It turns out that this individual, Patricia Flanagan designed the famous e3 building in Belfast, Ireland. We had a fascinating conversation and I’ll produce an interview from her in the coming weeks.  Just fantastic!

Day 10 – Sestri Levante, Italy. CREA concludes

Day 10. Through a conversation with one of the leaders today at the conference, I was invited to stay at his house with his family in Paris. I’ve never been to France. I think I’ll do that one day! ‪#‎Talk2MorePeople

Day 11 – Milano, Italy Eliandro

I met a Mexican fellow while at the airport in Milan. He too was flying to Barcelona, Spain. As I had a midnight to 7am layover there I thought it would be fun to see a part of Barcelona for the first time. He told me about a club that is famous for it’s Monday night party, “Apollo”. So I went, danced and had some fun before catching my 7am flight. Thanks Emiliano! That was much better than sleeping at the airport. Now I am in Malaga, Spain! @talk2morepeople

Day 12 – I’m going to France!

The greatest development from my T2MP movement came from a meeting 2 nights ago. I met a new friend  and we really hit it off. Throughout the weekend we spoke about arrangements to meet again and decided to do a road trip in France! So I’ve extended my time in Europe by 5 days for me to visit this country for the first time. I believe that spontaneity is the spice of life and that this was just one of those opportunities that I couldn’t pass up.

Lives can change when you talk to more people!

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