100 Days of Talk2MorePeople has been great. Now it’s your turn…

Here are my thoughts from Alforno Cafe in Calgary. Thanks to the suggestion a few days ago from Michael@talk2morepeople Day 100 Tony Esteves – a fellow video editor and new friend who appeared in my life just over a week ago – we produced this little 360 video.

360 video has become a part of my work and I host my content on a Facebook Page called, 360 Video Action and on my YouTube Channel. Once Micheal saw some of what 360 video can do, he suggested we have 3 versions of Tony in the same video to celebrate Day 100.

So that’s what we did. He very generously stitched these three videos into one so that we could create this fun, unique piece.

Take a look here to hear my thoughts, my thoughts and my thoughts on what this journey of meeting a new person every day has been like for the past 100 days and enjoy the 360 degree experience.

If you are enjoying what I’m creating, please follow along either here on my website by signing up for updates or on the @Talk2MorePeople Facebook page.

Keep on connecting.

Tony Esteves

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Tony Esteves is an international speaker, facilitator and performer who brings play back into the workplace. He is a published author, a 360 VR videographer and a member of Le Cirque de la Nuit – a Calgary based circus. Tony is currently working on his 1 year social experiment called, Talk2MorePeople. Connect with Tony for a meaningful face-to-face conversation.