The Talk2MorePeople Project has reached a half year

How often do you meet someone new? 

I’ve been having some conversations with new people recently. Many conversations actually. And one of the greatest observations through this process is that there is so much potential in a face-to-face conversation whether you know the person or not. 

By taking some time to create and engage in a new conversation a day for a month (or in my case for a year) you create possibilities. You create opportunities to hear about and learn new ideas. You create opportunities to learn about new jobs, people, concepts, social engagements and so many other things. Furthermore, you get to share resources and ideas of your own that can have a big impact on the person who you are meeting. 

Creating these possibilities is much easier than most people think. All you really need to do, is get outside your comfort zone a little more often, and talk2morepeople. By meeting and engaging with more people, you have more chances to connect with new possibilities. It’s that simple. 

On a daily basis now, I am uplifted by this challenge of meeting a new person a day for a year. While it does take time and effort to do and to document this, it no longer feels like work. This is because I have met so many wonderful people and it’s helped make me a better facilitator and person in the process. I’ve learned that for the most part people are actually quite open to having a conversation with a stranger if you approach the situation properly. 

I believe that we far too often overlook the abundant potential that surrounds us on a daily basis by not connecting with the people who are close by. It takes surprisingly little effort to break the ice with a stranger and to uncover this potential. You can start with a genuine compliment, share some good news, or ask a question for example. 

In this video we hit the half way mark of the Talk2MorePeople Project. It was Day 183 of T2MP and it took place in Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto.


I encourage you to build your personal and professional network by giving yourself a break from all of this technology and taking the Talk2MorePeople 30 Day Challenge. If you actually meet a new person a day for a month, I can guarantee you that new positive experiences, opportunities and people will come into your life. 

Now that sounds like a pretty manageable and worthwhile thing to do doesn’t it?

talk2morepeople-30-day-challenge-card  Creativity Inspiring Connections

Tony Esteves is an international speaker, facilitator and performer who brings play back into the workplace. He is a published author, a 360 videographer and a performer with Le Cirque de la Nuit – a Calgary based circus. Tony is currently working on his social experiment called, The Talk2MorePeople Project. This project aims to prove the endless value of meeting new people. In this project Tony is meeting at least one new person a day for a year to illustrate this. Connect with Tony for a meaningful face-to-face conversation.