It’s been 200 Days of Talk2MorePeople and it just keeps getting better

It’s been 200 days that I’ve been meeting new people and collecting conversations. Has it been challenging? Yes. Has it been surprising? Yes. Has it been much more work than expected? Yes. Has it been worth it? Absolutely?

This was Day 200 of my daily challenge of T2MP. On this day of the project I met several people at a gym, in the city, at the ThrillerYYC event and almost everywhere in between.

The conversation with Amanda Gallop in the video is about how we met over 3 years ago due to a random conversation. Not only has Amanda become a great friend and housemate, but she’s also introduced me to yoga and fitness which is literally extending my life! That’s a pretty great bonus.

Throughout this day I met several people and in the eventing I had the privilege of hosting the ThrillerYYC fundraiser as the MC. This event raised funds and awareness for This cause supports men who were childhood victims of sexual abuse. I ended up in this position because of a conversation that I had with Jeff Wilkie who I had met earlier during the Talk2MorePeople Project. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and his team putting this event for over 500 people on.

While there I got speaking to Dee about how it’s amazing that in today’s day and age we need to teach these techniques to people around connecting. Because she feels that it’s just natural for us to want to be close to one another.

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Tony Esteves is an international speaker, MC, facilitator and performer who brings play back into the workplace. He is a published author, a 360 videographer and a performer with Le Cirque de la Nuit – a Calgary based circus. Tony is currently working on his 1 year social experiment called, Talk2MorePeople. This project aims to illustrate and prove the value of meeting new people. Here is what CBC Radio is saying:

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