“Have you got any rolling papers” – A funny way to find a conversation

www.iOnTheBall.ca Talk2MorePeople Day 315 of 365 “Hey. Have you got any rolling papers?”

This question from a stranger started my direction tonight. “No. I’m afraid I don’t have any.”I replied. “But maybe I can find you some”. So I headed into the Midtown Restaurant.

There I spoke to the bartender, Richie who I encountered in the early days of this challenge, and asked him if he had some papers. He didn’t. But then some people at the bar told me they could find me some papers. I told them that it was really not that important and not to worry about it.

But one fellow, insisted. He actually ran home to get rolling papers and came back with some.

During this time I spoke with another man who very openly shared some positive news about his physical well-being. For months he had been getting told that he had cancer, and today he found out that in fact he did not! So he was out having a few beers.

Once the running man returned with these rolling papers I did go back down the street to see if the guy who asked for some was still there but he wasn’t. The whole sequence of tonight’s events brought laughter and joy to me. This was such an unexpected way to spend almost an hour with a couple of new people.

There are 50 days left in this 365 day challenge. Let’s see who else I can meet. What do you think? Are you ready to try some of this yourself?



Tony Esteves is an international speaker, MC, facilitator and performer who brings play back into the workplace. He is a published author, a 360 videographer and a performer with Le Cirque de la Nuit – a Calgary based circus. Tony is currently working on his 1 year social experiment called, Talk2MorePeople. This project aims to illustrate and prove the value of meeting new people.

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