Let Go Of The Ego

“Let go of the Ego”. April 3. T2MP Day 356

Today my new friend, Kirei who I met on Day 305 of this project needed a hand moving. As I happened to have available hands today we met up. She and I have been attempting to catch up in person since we first met but lives and schedules had been too busy.

While disassembling a table for the move I met her friend Priya and she shared some of her wisdom with us.

Tony Esteves is an international facilitator, coach and circus performer who is passionate about creating human connection. He holds a B.A. in Communication Studies, intentionally meets new people regularly and loves to play and improvise. Tony is based in Calgary, Canada.

He is the author of the book, “Talk2MorePeople: Change Your Life by Meeting People” which is based on how he once met a stranger every day for a year. This book teaches the benefits of meeting people and how you can do it too.

He shares the mental health benefits of connecting with people in his workshops, presentations and through coaching.