The Talk2MorePeople Project Concludes with a conversation with Mike

On this Day 365 of the Talk2MorePeople Project, I met Mike. In my living room! He was there servicing my internet and we got into conversation. He was generous with his great customer service and his time to chat a little. We learned a few things about one another and it was an enjoyable time.

Thank you for the conversation Mike!

Tony Esteves is an international speaker, MC, facilitator and performer who brings play back into the workplace. He is a published author and a performer with Le Cirque de la Nuit – a Calgary based circus. Tony has recently concluded his 1 year social experiment called, Talk2MorePeople. This project aims to illustrate and prove the value of meeting new people through face-to-face conversations. Here is an article from CBC Radio about the project.

Connect with Tony for a meaningful face-to-face conversation.