Locals Know Best in Fredericton. Don’t Be a Stranger.

Did you know that you can camp for free in New Brunswick? You can at this one magical private place called, Shire Camping. The owners of this land kindly converted it into a mini campground and welcome people to camp there for free. It works on a first come, first served basis. My parter, Renee learned about this through a random conversation with a stranger while she was on the road on her own.

How amazing is that? Locals know best.

That chance conversation with a stranger decided where we spent the night. It was great. 

In October 2017, New Brunswick provided fantastic hospitality, great conversations and stunning scenery. I didn’t know that the Bay of Fundy had the highest tidal range in the world and when it comes in, it comes in fast! Watching the water creeping aggressively towards us was a little frightening and amazing.

We learned from some people who we met in the capital Fredrickton, that New Brunswick is often considered a province to just drive through on the way to the Maritimes. But we were fortunate enough to explore several nights there and were rewarded for it.


Chance conversations with the people who you meet on the road constantly have the ability to change and improve your experience.

This happens all the time when traveling. It just makes sense that a local would be happy to share wisdom with travellers about their homeland. No matter how advanced and up to date the internet becomes, there will never be a replacement for talking to a person from that place to get your information and make your plans. 

So why not ask a local?

By going out of your way to connect with locals when you travel you will improve your travel experience, and also give a gift to the people who you speak with. By sharing some of your own story with them and by taking some time to listen to them, they get a chance to be heard and to effectively teach you something. This oral tradition and information exchange is satisfying because it is an essential part of who we are as people. It is how we express ourselves and exchange information. This is how it always was before we all got lost online. 

So please do consider reaching out to the locals when you are on your next travel adventure. You will likely find the best restaurants, secret places to visit, and unknown tourist destinations. These gems are yours for the picking if you just dare talk to a stranger.

The chance conversations in New Brunswick were part of the Talk2MorePeople Canadian Tour. This was a cross-Canada road trip to speak to a cross section of Canadians and to find out what matters to Canadians today. 

Tony Esteves is a communication facilitator, entrepreneur and conversationalist who brings play back into the workplace. He is an author and a performer with Le Cirque de la Nuit – a Calgary based circus. Tony has recently concluded his Talk2MorePeople Canadian Tour. This project aims to illustrate and prove the value of meeting new people through face-to-face conversations. Here is an article from CBC Radio about the initial Talk2MorePeople Project. This was a full year of meeting strangers daily.

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