What Conversations Have Shaped Your Life?

Talk2MorePeople has gifted me with many things to reflect upon. And this time something quite literally! Here is how I came to be wearing a suit of mirrors last week. It was because I met Olga Sem at an event 2 years ago that was organized by Jeff Wilkie. I had recently met Jeff at a party and we decided to work on an event together. In fact, through a series of other connections, the party that I was at was because of a random connection 4 years ago.

Conversations lead to good things…

When you take a moment to reflect on how some of the people and life experiences have come to you, you will realize that many of them came from a random conversation. Do you ever stop to think,

“What conversations have shaped your life?”

You can never know when someone new could have a positive influence on your life, so why not be open to meeting new people?


Tony Esteves is a Calgary based workshop facilitator and performer. He delivers play-based trainings to improve communication skills, focus and resiliency. He has delivered workshops on 3 continents and speaks four languages. His passion for facilitation is matched only by his passion for travel and performing. You can see his characters on stage with Le Cirque de la Nuit across North America. 

In his free time, Tony can be found scrambling in the Rockies or striking up a good conversation with a complete stranger.