Choose a Low Media Diet

There is a great deal of never-been-heard before news available today as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. I noticed myself getting overwhelmed and anxious after being ultra-plugged into the news when things kicked off in North America around March 10th.

I want to offer that it is essential of course to remain informed as things are changing rapidly, but that we don’t need to stay glued to the news. It can be tempting to do so, but it may not be healthy. I recommend at this time a low media diet. Choose not to consume more than 30 minutes of news a day from reputable sources.

Doing so has helped me considerably as the case numbers continue to climb in Canada. I still know what is going on, yet I can focus on my work and other projects throughout the day.

Have a watch of the short VIDEO below. For positive news stories, visit

Do take excellent care of yourself and those around you at this time.


Tony has been performing with Le Cirque de la Nuit since 2014  and was a part of their 2016 TEDxYYC performance. He believes that people can best move their lives and careers forward by having more face-to-face conversations. (That is how he got into the circus). This is why he created the Talk2MorePeople Project. During this social experiment, Tony meet at least one new stranger a day for an entire year and positively transformed his life. Now he teaches people how to do this through coaching, workshops and keynote presentations. The Talk2MorePeople book will be released in 2020.

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