Take Time To Reflect

Do you take time to reflect on your accomplishments? It can be easy to overlook what you have achieved when life moves so quickly. But it’s a worthwhile exercise to do so. When you take time through any mindfulness practice to celebrate what you have accomplished, you give yourself a little gift. Doing so can boost self-esteem and help you become more aware of what you are capable of.

It is important with goal setting to reflect on where you are at the starting point so that you can measure your progress. This step often gets overlooked.

Today marks my seventh anniversary since I arrived in Alberta. It’s my “Alberta-versary” as my Twin sister, Andrea would say.

It is May 15, 2020, and in this blog post, I will celebrate four of my accomplishments as an invitation for you to reflect on your accomplishments as well.

I moved here because I needed to shake things up both in my personal and professional life. Here is a blog post about that day. I was not disappointed.

There have been many challenges, adventures and I have met many new people along this way. When I arrived in Calgary, the only person I knew here was my supportive twin sister, Andrea. Here are the celebratory accomplishments.

1. I completed The Talk2MorePeople Project – In April of 2016 I set out to meet a new person a day for a full year. My life transformed because of the new people who came into my life. I completed the project one year later and the journey of meeting people helped improve my mental health. In that year, I met over 550 strangers and some of those people are now the most important people in my life. This article based on research is a nice reminder that we should talk to strangers.

2. I joined Le Cirque de la Nuit because of a conversation with a stranger and have done more professional performing than ever before. This is a recent video that offers entertainment for people who remain isolated at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The character is me being theatrical and juggling. Enjoy.

3. I published my first poem in a mirror suit. This video is a project that I was inspired to share during these times of rapid change. I perform in this costume regularly, and the metaphor of reflecting seemed like something fun to play with.

I wouldn’t dare recite a poem for an online audience as I am new to poetry. But to deliver it as a performance? As a performer at heart, I was excited to do it. Take a look at that short video below. Have you been reflecting during these unprecedented times?

4. And last, but certainly not least, on this May 15th, I completed the Talk2MorePeople book. On that day, I submitted the second draft to my editor for stylistic editing. There will still be a little back and forth and then I’ll need to work with another editor for the copy editing, but the book itself is pretty much done! This is an accomplishment that I am extremely proud of.

Sure there will now be an entirely new phase of work with promoting and selling the book, but I’ll step up to that challenge with the help of mentors and other authors who have walked this path ahead of me. Pre-sales will begin in the coming weeks. If you would like to follow my journey as an author and to know when the book becomes available, please join me HERE. That is my “Talk2MorePeople Tips” newsletter where I share tips on how to meet people and updates on the book.


I am extremely grateful for the time that I have had in Alberta. I’ve worked as a dining room server, a fruit slicer, a circus performer, and a play-based workshop facilitator a coach, a master of ceremonies and have learned from each of these experiences. I have met hundreds of wonderful people since arriving.

May the next seven years be as invigorating as these past seven years.

My wish is that you take time to reflect on your accomplishments over the past year or two. Are you where you would like to be? Or is there much work to do? No matter what the case, know that change is inevitable, and circumstances can always get better.

Happy reflecting.


Creating connections in Calgary, Canada, Tony Esteves is a play-based facilitator, keynote speaker and performer. He studied at the Second City Improv Training Centre, has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and has been performing with Le Cirque de la Nuit since 2014. He was a part of their 2016 TEDx performance, “The Creative Process.” In the circus, Tony dazzles, juggles and plays with audiences to create memorable experiences. 

He believes that people can move their lives and businesses forward by having more face-to-face conversations and therefore created the Talk2MorePeople Project. During this social experiment, Tony met at least one new stranger a day for an entire year, and through the people he met, transformed his life for the better. In total over 550 strangers came into his life that year. The Talk2MorePeople book teaches people how to make face-to-face connections and will be released in 2020.

Many of Tony’s connections came from the 40 countries that he has travelled to or worked in. In his free time, you can find Tony scrambling or snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies, studying a language or playing mini-Ping-Pong.