Offer Help To Meet People

Being helpful is a good thing just for its own sake. And when you offer help to a stranger, you have a great opportunity to make a new connection. But far too often, we see an opportunity to help and let it slip by. People are less likely to help out when amongst a large group of people.  This is a psychological phenomenon called diffusion of responsibility.

But you don’t need to miss out on your next chance to help. Doing so creates an interaction that you otherwise would not have had. Take advantage of these opportunities to be of service to your community and see what happens. In this VIDEO below, I explain how that allowed me to meet a stranger last week.

I also recommend that you check out the film called, “The Outside Story.” It’s a film about human connection and is part of the Calgary International Film Festival which is on now.


Tony Esteves is an entrepreneur and performer who dearly wants more people to connect face-to-face. He is an artist, facilitator and coach who created the Talk2MorePeople Project. In 2016/17 he met at least one new stranger a day for a full year. The Talk2MorePeople book – a guidebook for how to meet people, will be released on January 21, 2021. Tony is passionate about being outdoors, travel and play.