What is a Kindness Festival?

A Festival of Kindness

A kindness festival is an opportunity for you to learn, to join in, to be kind and to make a positive difference to the people in your life – who you might not even know.

On November 13th, 2020 I had the opportunity to attend a virtual “Kindfest” – which was a festival of kindness. It was hosted by TeamKind.org.uk in England and was a really worthwhile experience. I was impressed that they sold over 6000 tickets, and you could purchase a ticket for a stranger that people could collect on Fridays leading up to the festival. All proceeds went to local charities. How cool is that?

The event featured more than 150 presenters who shared stories, conversations and research on kindness today, and how to create more of it.

Share Kindness

It is amazing how easily we can each share a random act of kindness, or just the willingness to talk to a stranger. Acts like this can save people’s lives. Here is a look at how the host of Kindfest and BBC journalist, Kamilah McInnis’s shared her story about how much a random act of kindness supported her during a time of crisis.

Having dealt with depression myself, I was thrilled with the event because I see it as an effective platform to bring positivity to many people. I am certain that many of the participants took away learning experiences to benefit their communities. I know that I did.

Below is a 3-minute video about my experience at this kindness festival.

Be Kind Today

Go ahead. Be kind today. Follow @TeamKindUK on Instagram for many great ideas on how you can. One offer from their Kindness Calendar is to volunteer.

“When you volunteer, you gain access to people you would not otherwise have an opportunity to meet and you support your community as well.”

I took a page out of my own book – literally – in the quote above. The Talk2MorePeople book is now being proofread and will publish on January 21, 2021. The timing of this event was perfect because it was just in time for me to squeeze the Teamkind.org.uk website into the Other Resources section of the Talk2MorePeople book. So my readers will learn more about kindness today as well as how to meet people.

Today’s, we need more experiences like Kindfest to help keep us connected. Human connection and interpersonal relationships are more important than ever now. So don’t miss Kindfest 2021.

Keep connecting!


International facilitator, performing artist and Solution-Focussed coach Tony Esteves is passionate about creating human connection, going up or down mountains and adventure. He holds a B.A. in Communication Studies, intentionally meets new people regularly and loves to play and improvise. Random life adventures keep Tony energized and grounded and he exists in Calgary, Canada.

Having lived, worked or travelled to 40 countries, he has facilitated learning experiences in North America, Europe and South Africa and learned a few languages along the way. He has only been kicked out of Hungary once and found himself working on a U.S. Military base in Uzbekistan for a while. 

He created the Talk2MorePeople Project which evolved into a year-long journey of human connection. In that year he met over 550 strangers and his mental health was transformed. Tony shares those insights with groups who value entertaining learning experiences and conversations. Meeting a stranger is how he joined the circus and why he has a mirror suit.

Join Tony’s adventure to help put an end to the epidemic of loneliness in the world today at Talk2MorePeople.com or find him @Talk2MorePeople. For worthwhile and entertaining content on human connection, and upcoming publications and performances, join his newsletter at https://bit.ly/2y63g8f .