Join the 2023 Start Stop Challenge

This Start Stop Challenge just might change your life.

Here is your opportunity to join the Start Stop Challenge for January, 2023. Decide to start something and stop something this month and connect with people who are doing the same.

Research proves that having someone to keep you accountable greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll reach your goal so I’m looking for people to keep me accountable. Will you be one of them?

Sign Me Up!

Click on this LINK or the image below to fill out a short form to declare what you’ll start and stop in January of 2023. Prizes are available for your participation.



What are the Prizes?

I’m offering you a chance to win a coaching prize (worth over $500) by joining me on this self-improvement journey for 4 weeks. On January 31st, 2021, there will be a draw held between the people who have remained engaged with the challenge. That does not mean that you need to complete your challenge perfectly to qualify. Rather, you only need to show that you you are working on it by attending one or more zoom meetings with me in January, or by emailing in your progress.

If you are interested in a cash prize as was given last year, you are welcome to contribute $25 to the pot. There will also be a draw amongst those who contribute to the cash prize on January 31st. Anyone can participate, but only those who contribute to this cash prize will be eligible to win it. The size of the prize depends on the number of people who contribute to it.

What’s the Challenge?

To enter this draw, you only need to fill out a simple form letting me know at least one healthy habit that you are going to start doing (that you will do every day, daily) and at least one thing that you are going to stop doing (and not do for a single day) in January 2023. You don’t need to get your Start Stop Challenge perfect, but will need to remain engaged to qualify for the draws on January 31st. After filling out the form, you will receive an email from Tony with further details.

The deadline to enter is midnight MDT on Monday evening, January 2nd, 2023.

I’ll start my challenge on the first but know that some people will benefit from the extra two days to get started.

What I will START and STOP

I recommend that you commit to only one “start” and one “stop”, but you can do more if you like. Last year, I had a list of things that I wanted to start and stop, and food that I fell short in a few places. I believe that focusing on just one start objective and one stop objective will be most useful for this challenge.

Below is what I’m committing to for January 2023.


Increased Daily Mindfulness Practice. 

I will do yoga and / or meditate every day this month for a minimum of 30 minutes


No refined sugar.

I will consume no refined sugar this month. I will monitor this in great detail by checking the ingredients on any processed food and will not eat it if there is any form of refined sugar in that product.

How about you? What could you accomplish next month?

So don’t hesitate, take 3 minutes, register and help me and help yourself get the new year off to a great start!

Tony Esteves is a virtual and in-person Business Coach for Artists, author, facilitator, and circus performer living in beautiful Canmore, Alberta, Canada. With over a decade of coaching experience, he has helped many individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Tony is a passionate adventurer and has traveled to 40 countries, believing that adventure is an essential aspect of living a full life.

In addition to coaching, Tony is also an experienced facilitator who has led in-person learning experiences in Canada, the USA, South Africa, South America, Europe, and Japan. His mission on this planet is to bring people together and create more human connections.

Tony is the author of “Talk2MorePeople: Change Your Life by Meeting People,” which teaches people to uncover opportunities and adventures by putting down their phones and connecting with real, live people face-to-face. By registering for Tony’s free “Talk2MorePeople Tips” at, you will receive a FREE Human Connection Starter Kit including more than 80 different ways to meet new people. Learn how to build more human connections into your life and business today!