Reflecting on the Inaugural “Talk to a Stranger Week”

Reflecting on the Inaugural “Talk to a Stranger Week”

The recent launch of the first “Talk to a Stranger Week” by the Gen Well Project, Canada’s human connection movement, aimed to educate people about the research-based benefits of talking to strangers. 

As a participant and volunteer in Calgary during this momentous week, it was a fascinating experience and a fun challenge. Sporting shirts bearing the prompt “Do you talk to strangers?” we distributed informative postcards, and engaged with people during the busy lunch hour in Calgary’s “Plus 15” network.

Meeting People Can Be a Challenge

Of course, we experienced resistance, as people may have expected that we were selling something while handing out the postcards. But our efforts were rewarding as we were able to create more awareness about the benefits of talking to strangers and did indeed get into conversations with folks. 

The activations in Toronto and Calgary led to significant media coverage, which amplified this awareness campaign. Taylor Braat from CBC Calgary did a short story on Talk To A Stranger Week for the 6pm news and I was invited a guest on the “Calgary Eyeopener” morning radio show with Loren McGinnis. Click HERE for that interview. 

The Gen Well Project founder, Pete Bombaci was also busy with multiple interviews in Toronto that broadcast across Canada. 

My involvement with this week was a reminder of how rewarding it can be to volunteer. Doing so allowed me to re-connect with friends and also to meet new people.

It was a true pleasure to have been a part of this important week and I look forward to supporting again in the future. 

Resources to Explore

Have a look at the Gen Well Project’s press release for Talk To A Stranger Week.

Check out the Gen Well Project Website below for events research and resources on how to meet new people.

Below is the Talk To A Stranger Week Website:


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