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If you are reading this, you may have had a conversation with Tony Esteves. Thank you for exploring further here now.

This is an opportunity to grow your success and network with powerful communication coaching from international facilitator and author Tony Esteves. With over 20 years of training and teaching individuals and groups all over the world, Tony brings engagement to new levels. 

The Human Connection Adventure program is an 8-week virtual live program for leaders like you who want to improve communication skills to get more out of what you know is possible from this life.

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Conversations change lives. Learn how to change your life by meeting people. Limited space is available for the upcoming program starting May 4, 2021.  You will meet with your group twice per week over Zoom and all sessions will be facilitated by Tony Esteves. 

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Learn and Use a Proven Method

In this eight-week interactive learning experience,  you will learn the techniques that Tony has used to meet thousands of strangers over the years. You will be expertly facilitated through the LOOKUP Process for Meeting People that is outlined in the Talk2MorePeople book. Beyond learning how to more effectively meet people, you will build self-confidence, learn from the people you meet, and embark on new adventures.

Co-Create Community Today

The small-group format will provide extensive opportunities to connect with your colleagues in the program. Expect to be pleasantly surprised by learning with an international class of people who also want to have a greater sense of control over who comes into their life. Learn how to leverage those new connections to: find a new job; meet a new hiking buddy; improve your dating life; have more fun and overall feel more alive!

Change Your Life by Meeting People

The research on talking to strangers proves that there are mental health benefits to having such interactions. Here you will go far beyond just simple interactions. You will learn how to start conversations, keep them going, create new connections from those conversations, and learn how to exit a conversation as well. Furthermore, you can expect learning this skill to be joyful and fun which is a huge value for your host, Tony. After all, he performs in a circus.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your experience in The Human Connection Adventure, then you will receive a full refund, so there is very little risk. (some restrictions apply – most notably that you have to complete the full program).

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I’ve known Tony for decades and have always appreciated the quick wit, high energy, and infectious personality that infuse everything he does. Several years ago, I hired Tony as a career coach. Employing varied methodologies, he guided me through activities and exercises that led to monumental shifts in my perspectives on my career. It’s not overstating it to say that Tony’s coaching changed my life—he helped me to harness my innate talents and gave me the courage to pursue a career path that I had thought about for years but was too scared to embark on. Eight years later, I’m running a successful and very busy business, and the lessons I learned while working under Tony’s tutelage continue to help me to shape my path forward. If you have the opportunity to work with Tony, do not hesitate for a minute. I have no doubt that his playful and profound wisdom can help to shape your future too.
Ruth Zuchter
Writer & Editor

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Your Facilitator

Tony Esteves is an international facilitator, coach and circus performer with Le Cirque de la Nuit. He is passionate about creating human connection, holds a B.A. in Communication Studies, intentionally meets new people regularly and loves to play and improvise. He has travelled to 40 countries, lived in six of them and has a colourful, creative professional background. Tony has facilitated live learning experiences on four continents, coaches virtually and leads outdoor coaching excursions. Tony is based in Calgary, Canada. He is the author of the book, “Talk2MorePeople: Change Your Life by Meeting People” which is based on how he once met a stranger every day for a year. This book teaches the many benefits of meeting people and how you can do it too. He shares the mental health benefits of connecting with people in his presentations and teaches how to change your life by meeting people.

Your Investment

This 8-week live virtual facilitation is $1975 in Canadian dollars.