Below are the services that Tony Esteves offers to help create a positive experience for your organization. He has spoken or performed for small groups and for audiences of over 5000 people. Now you can bring Tony anywhere you like in the world without having to pay for the flight for one of his virtual workshops.


Tony works as a Solution-Focussed Coach one on one with a limited number of individuals seeking an efficient solution to their current challenge. He is currently studying the Brief Coaching method at the University of Toronto OISE. These coaching conversations have an emphasis on progress and preference for the client.

Call Tony at 1.587.897.PLAY to speak directly with Tony about this service.

I’ve known Tony for decades and have always appreciated the quick wit, high energy and infectious personality that infuse everything he does. Several years ago, I hired Tony as a career coach. Employing varied methodologies, he guided me through activities and exercises that led to monumental shifts in my perspectives on my career. It’s not overstating it to say that Tony’s coaching changed my life—he helped me to harness my innate talents and gave me the courage to pursue a career path that I had thought about for years but was too scared to embark on. Eight years later, I’m running a successful and very busy business, and the lessons I learned while working under Tony’s tutelage continue to help me to shape my path forward. If you have the opportunity to work with Tony, do not hesitate for a minute. I have no doubt that his playful and profound wisdom can help to shape your future too.

Ruth Zuchter | Writer and Editor

Virtual Facilitation

Tony has created a series of workshops based on the LOOKUP Tools for How to Meet People in the Talk2MorePeople book. These can be delivered virtually or in person.

Please contact Tony at +1587897PLAY to discuss your teams’ needs for a memorable, interactive learning experience.


How to Meet People: Grow your network face-to-face

This course was created for the CPDFormula website and can be accessed by anyone. It is a 1-hour video course with a worksheet that teaches the LOOKUP Tools for How to Meet People. Click on the image to preview the course. These are the communication tools that inspired much of the upcoming Talk2MorePeople book.

The Talk2MorePeople book has finished editing and is currently being produced. The publishing date is January 21, 2021.