Free Tools 

Below are two downloads that can help you bring new opportunities, experiences and people into your life. Take the tips from “The 6 Tools To Making New Connections” as a guide on how to actually meet new people.

Or take the “30 Day Challenge” to meet a stranger a day for a month. This challenge guarantees that if you complete it, your life will be improved by the end of it.


Click the link below for the 6 Tools:

6 Tools To Making New Connections PDF


Why not take on a 30 Day Challenge to bring new experiences, opportunities and people into your life? Use the below card to keep track and the Tools above to break the ice. You will be amazed with the things you learn, the experiences you have and the people who you meet.

Click on the link below for your the 30 Day Challenge.

30 Day Challenge T2MP PDFTalk To More People 30 Day Challenge Talk2MorePeople 30 Day Challenge How to meet strangers